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Personal Growth Guide: A pathway to your awakening journey

Hi there! My name is Layla and I am a personal growth guide whose mastered in intuitive channeling, light language, subconscious reprogramming, western astrology, vedic astrology, human design and self-inquiry work. I am passionate about helping individuals who are ready to integrate all of the work they’ve been doing on themselves and assimilate it into their true power. Blending the unique gifts and modalities I’ve learned over the years, I offer a one of a kind, spiritual/practical approach to personal growth and healing, helping clients to tap into their own inner abilities and unlock their full potential. If you’re ready to make real lasting change, I’d be happy to be the one to guide you.

A little about me:


Ever since I was young, I had a very sensitive ability. I could see auras, pick up on imbalances in people’s bodies, and communicate with ‘blue beings’ that some would call imaginary but I called real. As I chugged along in the modern day education system and my young human tendencies to want to ‘fit in’ began to solidify, I made an active choice to stop engaging with everything my inner guidance told me was real. After going through difficulty after difficulty in my personal life I had no choice but to stop and listen. Truth always has a way of getting out. As I journeyed into meditation, the abilities I experienced when I was younger came back online but this time even bigger. I started trance channeling beings from many different star systems (Andromeda, Pleiades, Arcturus) who gave a strong message of warning that the years  between 2019-2023, different pockets of consciousness (medical, financial, education) would start to break down and experience transformation. The message alerted that this was for great purpose. That our Home, our Earth and the Feminine nature called Gaia would be raising in her frequency and humanity would be confronted with a choice: To continue to live mundane lives or to awaken and help humanity ascend into a higher level of consciousness.


As I continued on offering intuitive channeling sessions and channeled courses, I started to encounter a theme. The theme was that the people who were drawn to work with me were feeling stuck, not aligned with their purpose. This was a strange occurrence to them as they had been doing the work on healing their traumas and conditioning but were still feeling either a slowness to the process or a lack of integration. They were following the ‘right’ people on Instagram, reading many books yet nothing seemed to be pushing the needle. That’s when I realized my responsibility of being in the ‘spiritual space’. I have so many tools that I have used myself to help me on my own journey. They have transformed me and the people closest to me. It would be a disservice to myself and to everyone who is drawn to work with me if I only offer Channeling sessions as sometimes that’s not the tool they need to get them to their desired goals. Which is why now, in my sessions I offer a one of a kind spiritual practical approach to personal transformation.

What to expect in a session

In our sessions together, we will work together to uncover what’s really keeping you stuck where you are. This can span anything from subconscious beliefs, ancestral programs and soul contractual motives and astrological transits. We will then spend the duration of our session using a variety of modalities which may include:


  • Intuitive trance channeling: In a trance state, galactic guides, beings and forms of collective consciousness may come through to offer us insight into our purpose as well as activate latent gifts & abilities to access for yourself and your purpose in this life. (For more Channeled Courses click here.)

  • Light Language Activations: Sometimes in order to release or enhance something energetically in you, the higher dimensional beings will sing a Light Language activation which is the harmonic language of the universe into your field to bring you closer to accessing your full potential. (To purchase specific Light Language bundles click here.)

  • Subconscious reprogramming: We will identify and change any limiting beliefs or perceptions of trauma that are stored in your main operating system (95% of your habits and choices are made from the subconscious mind)

  • Vedic Astrology: We will use this ancient and accurate forecast to understand more about your timeline here on Earth and the vibrational context as to the challenges you find yourself in today as well as physical remedies to overcome them.

  • Human Design: Using your birth details, will dive deep into your Human Design chart to understand how your authentic energy is designed to operate. We will cover anything and everything from where you’re prone to taking in external conditioning, how you’re uniquely designed to digest food as well as what environment will bring out the correct energy for you to thrive and much more.

  • Self-Inquiry work: Using the guidance from Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’, we will look at the mental stories you believe without questioning that cause internal suffering. By journeying into a world of what I call ‘questioning the thought’ we will come back to reality in a much more clear and calm state.


Each session is tailored to your individual needs and goals and may include a combination of the above modalities. My goal is to get you to your desired state of lasting transformation by giving you the powerful but most important step of integrating the information you’ve been assimilating on your own journey. Whether you are looking to improve your health, relationships, or spiritual growth, I am here to support you on your path. Are you ready to take the next step towards living beyond who the world told you to be? Reserve your session with me and let’s get started!



Having a channeling session with Layla was unlike any experience I’ve had before. First of all she is so talented and connected it’s beyond beautiful. I watched her as she surrendered her body and allowed spirit to come through giving me messages about my life’s work being a grid worker and raising the consciousness of the world. (Which is a download of data I received before by myself so I know she is legit!) The highlight of our session was her speaking in light language and doing an activation for me. I felt so much peace and calmness and the rest of the day I felt the energy shift in a positive way. It was something that is hard to put in words but it was so beautiful, healing, and uplifting. If you’re looking for clarity in your life or any part of your soul’s journey I trust Layla with my entire heart. She’s a rainbow child and is here to help us activate our codes. Thank you Layla!!! With immense love and gratitude"


—  Danielle Paige,  Intuitive Astrologer/Spiritual Teacher

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