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Intuitive Channel & Light Language Vocalist

Layla is an intuitive channel and light language vocalist. Unique in her ability to connect with and translate many different forms of collective consciousness such as Pleiadians, Arcturians and Andromedans. She also transmits dialects of light language through spoken, sound, and song. Blending ancient light coded linguistics and multidimensional information, Layla offers meaningful messages for your mind, body and soul. 


Layla is a part of a collective whose intention is to act as a bridge for those seeking extra support in their journey. Her dynamic transmissions purposefully transmit higher vibrational frequencies to those listening, ultimately upgrading their structure. In her sessions, she works with a range of different collectives such as the Arcturians, Lemurians, and Ascended Masters. Each musical activation has within it intentional light coded frequencies for different purposes such as to activate crystalline DNA, abolish limiting beliefs and imprint positive potentials in your being. Engaging with these multidimensional transmissions allows for higher vibrational feelings such as joy, love and appreciation to re-pattern and imprint within the physical body.

The result: A more clearer understanding of the Divinity you are and allowing that Divinity to be present as you create your reality from an empowered state of consciousness.

What to expect in a session

Upon booking an appointment, you will be asked to fill out a form in which you may write your intentions down for the session and any specific questions you may have. This allows Layla to meditate on beforehand, to get in touch with any guides and beings that may be of assistance for your highest good especially in regards to the intentions. 

Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. During that time, Layla will channel a variety of beings, guides and collectives best suited to answer your questions and fulfill your intention. When the guides feel the vibrational messages are complete, they will offer a (*)Light Language transmission through spoken, sign and song. This activation is an important step in further integrating the messages and vibrational offerings of the session. Each individual is unique in the type of activation received. Sessions are recorded via Zoom and you will have the recording for yourself to listen to as many times as you like. 


Be reminded that these channeling sessions are multidimensional in nature. They are affecting you on all levels of reality. There is not one right way to respond to the material. The way you naturally respond is exactly what is Divinely correct for you to experience. Layla encourages you to stay open to the process. Bring your most open and curious self to the session and trust that you will get what you need. As you continue to listen (post session), you will continue to be upgraded as the information integrates on deeper levels of your being. 


(*) Light language is a series of tones, harmonies, symbols and speech that is not generally understood by the human mind but is the universal language our soul understands. The light language offered is through spoken, signed and song and has a healing quality to it on a vibrational and cellular level. Staying open to receiving whatever is Divinely correct for you to experience with the Light Language transmission and otherwise is always best.



Having a channeling session with Layla was unlike any experience I’ve had before. First of all she is so talented and connected it’s beyond beautiful. I watched her as she surrendered her body and allowed spirit to come through giving me messages about my life’s work being a grid worker and raising the consciousness of the world. (Which is a download of data I received before by myself so I know she is legit!) The highlight of our session was her speaking in light language and doing an activation for me. I felt so much peace and calmness and the rest of the day I felt the energy shift in a positive way. It was something that is hard to put in words but it was so beautiful, healing, and uplifting. If you’re looking for clarity in your life or any part of your soul’s journey I trust Layla with my entire heart. She’s a rainbow child and is here to help us activate our codes. Thank you Layla!!! With immense love and gratitude"


—  Danielle Paige,  Intuitive Astrologer/Spiritual Teacher