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Light Language is a series of tones, sound harmonics, symbols and speech that is made up of Universal Light. This language is something that our soul speaks and isn’t necessarily meant to be understood by our conscious mind. When we are open to receiving the transmission in the way that serves our highest good, we surrender and allow the frequencies to flow into our being and adjust energetic patterning that is out of synch into sacred geometry (it’s original structure). In this way, Light Language when applied to our senses can be used to further embody the Source Consciousness we are on a vibrational level. 

How to use the Activation Meditation:

It is best listened to with headphones in either laying down on your back or sitting up with your legs crossed in a seated position. Keep your eyes closed for the duration. Try to release any preconceived ideas about how you are meant to experience the transmission and just be with whatever you are experiencing. All the benefits of the song are received when you intend to have an open mind with the process. You will experience this differently especially every other time you listen to it. This is because each time you listen to it, it penetrates deep into your cellular memory—working on a multidimensional level. 



Disclaimer: It is not advised to listen to this while driving or operating machinery. Light language operates at a cellular level and adjusts your cellular structure every time you listen to it. Sleepiness is a possible experience as a result of interacting with higher frequencies. Please use at your own discretion. 

Activation Experiences

"Layla’s light activation is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever come across. The energy of it was so transformational that even within the first 30 seconds, I could feel my body vibrating as I drifted off into a deep meditative state. I must have listened to it three times in a row! Truly, Layla has come forth to bring us access to peace and healing within ourselves from other realms. Layla and her work are a gift from beyond ️️️️❤️ ❤️"

- Kristina L.

"Listening to Layla’s voice, there’s a stream of light that goes through my body. The other night her single ‘new way’ was playing and both geometric and light codes appeared above my bed, so magical"

- Amira B.

"Layla! Thank you for your light language activations. I am so grateful to have experienced them through your webinars, upgrades, and during a 1-on-1 session. They truly are transformative and I always walk away with a sense of peace, calm, centeredness, and clarity. They are also amazing helpful to keep my mind from wandering during meditation. Your beautiful vocals are such a joy to listen to. Thank you again for sharing your extraordinary gift! I am excited for and look forward to listening to all your future light language activations."

- Quyen

"Your activations always bring me so much peace and acceptance of what is. Just the presence of true love which is incredible in and of itself. So appreciate all that you are doing and showing up as your beautiful authentic self."

- Nicole A.

"That was so invigorating- initially my awareness was drawn to my breath as I was constricting, when I lengthened and expanded the breath I felt my heart expand. Your voice is indescribable, I found it centering around my stress and felt chills down my entire body! Eye am anxious to experience it again! Thank you so much."

- Season B.

"Layla, I’m so grateful. Your light language activations have me feeling so good!!! Each time I listen to your light language activations I feel upgraded, up leveled, and more centered in my heart space. My mind is quieter, my body feels more balanced, my heart feels more open and full of love, and the best part is that I can experience all of this at any time. I just hit replay. My current fave is your Abundance offering from October. Since then I’ve birthed a brand new channel of income by way of feeling into my own creativity and opening to the possibility that I already am completely abundant. I am abundance experiencing Itself. And I’m positive that your light language activations shifted me physically and energetically, and in all the other ways, so that I could remember these truths. Thank you, truly!"

- Hilary Molloy

"Layla! Just wanted to share that I am in looooovveee with your light language activations and webinars (and your energy and fun being in general!). I just wanted to let you know how they supported me with the feeling of anxiety I am dealing with. Before I did the light language activation, I felt anxiety... like a big overwhelming feeling, which almost paralyzed me. Like a cloud, above and around me. After I listened to the activation, I just felt more peace and understanding. The anxiety was still there, but I was ok that it was there. And I felt lighter and even joyful. It helped me to put things in perspective as well. After doing one of your light language meditations I sometimes can even laugh about my “drama”! I really honor and enjoy your being, your work and messages, and especially the easy and fun way of presenting them! So much fun!"

- Karen B.

"I listened to your activation from the attracting abundance webinar and lord let me tell you. It was as if a veil was literally taken from my eyes. I felt such a sense of peace, especially since I haven't been working and searching for a job. I listen to it when I feel worry coming on. I've also had very vivid dreams since the light language meditation. I usually can't remember my dreams and now I can!"

- Brenda V.

Calm & Sleep Bundle

Do you experience bouts of anxiety and nervousness ?

Perhaps you experience yourself in an anxious state most of the day— trying to ground back into your body, reminding yourself

that you are safe ?

Do you find it hard to sleep at night— being tormented by the loudness of your mind or a certain discomfort in the body ? 

Would you like to feel more present, aware, in greater acceptance and love with the body you inhabit?

Would you like to experience a restful nights sleep ?


In the calm and sleep bundle you’ll receive four activations geared directly towards transforming resistance in the body and enabling a self soothing response within ultimately allowing you to feel more at peace and grounded in your body.


Included in this bundle:


Relieving anxiety: In this activation, The Dolphin Collective usher in frequencies to ease tensions within the cellular memory of our bodies, clearing debris that is no longer serving you, enabling you to feel lighter and more effervescent in your energetic field. 


Emotional Density Clearing: Working specifically in the heart and higher chakras, Divine Mother comes forth to offer a beautiful array of warm and caring energetics intended to clear unconscious and subconscious fears of feeling unsafe being who you truly are. Engaging with this transmission ultimately allows you to surrender fully to the inherent Love you are, knowing no separation to this Love consciousness. 


Releasing Bodily Tension: Divine Feminine Lemurian teachers gather in this transmission to work on the physical aspects of bodily tension in human form. As each trill frequency is offered, the energy flows deeper into your physical body to offer support to the unit as a functioning whole, providing you with more vitality, clarity and a deeper sense of embodiment. 


Sleep Activation: The Arcturian Collective come with great appreciation and love to offer sound harmonics to ease mind chatter, allowing the inner life force within to permeate the entire body as you are ushered into a gentle, high vibrational relaxed state, ultimately priming you for optimal sleep. 


Buy The Complete Bundle Below

Relieving Stress Bundle

Do you often feel stressed by daily occurrences ?

Does this stress manifest itself in a passive anger or overwhelm or low energy ?

Would you like to feel more peace, balance and equanimity regarding your life situation ?

Would you like to be more connected to your heart and more embodied in vitality ?


In this Relieving Stress bundle, you’ll receive 4 activations: Auric Repair, Imprinting Peace, Heart Flow, and Brain Hemisphere Balance, that combined will generate more peace, harmony, acceptance and empowerment within. 

Included in this bundle:

Activation 1: Auric Repair.

Working in the auric fields of our physical bodies, the atlantean priestess energies come in to offer strength, stability and upliftment to our auric fields. When we are stressed, trying to control a situation in which we feel powerless over, sometimes our auras can acquire punctures within it. This can lead to feeling even more stressed, powerless, weak or tired. Engaging with this activation allows forth the healing of these etheric punctures and brings a strengthening elasticity back to our fields.

Activation 2: Imprinting Peace

A collective of Arcturian and Pleiadian healers come together to offer calming and powerful sound frequencies of peace, collaborating with your higher self to release any distorted patterns within that are contributing to burn out, overwhelm and stagnancy. The result: more alignment of embodied peace, your natural state of being.

Activation 3: Brain Hemisphere Balance

When we are experiencing stress, we are often processing it dominantly through one side of our brain hemisphere. In this activation, the 10th dimensional Arcturians relay harmonics to bring both hemispheres back into balance, thus eliciting more equanimity and non attachment regarding your life situation.

Activation 4: Heart Flow

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stop the loudness of our minds. After all, stress is a response to identifying with perceptions in our minds. In this activation, the 12th dimensional Pleiadians provide frequencies to deepen our connection to our heart. The heart holds all answers and is a straight connection to the remembrance of the presence and love that awaits us now. If you would like to remember and strengthen your connection to your heart, releasing unnecessary stress in your life, this activation is for you.

Buy The Complete Bundle Below

Enhancing Intuition Bundle 

Do you feel purposeless and lack of motivation ?

Do you feel alone on Earth ?  

Do you feel you take on collective density and need an outlet for relaxation and diffusion of collective energy ?

Would you like to feel more aligned, trusting and confident ?

Would you like to enhance your ability to trust and connect more with your inner guidance system ?

Would you like to activate and remember your unique soul gifts and abilities ?

Would you like to embody a 5th dimensional experience in your own reality ?

If so, this bundle is for you! 


In the Enhancing Intuition bundle, you’ll receive 4 activations: Third Eye Connection, Crown Chakra Activation, Soul Star Chakra Activation and the Light Body Activation.

Included in this bundle:

Activation 1: Third Eye Connection Activation 

We often don’t see life as it is, we see life through our minds perceptions, filters, past trauma and preferences. This often creates mental disturbance and self imposed struggle which can be a hindrance to our own awakening. This activation as facilitated by the Blue Avian collective, allow us the opportunity to open our eyes to the truth of reality, such that we may experience all wondrous experiences this human life has to offer without unconscious mental judgments over what is. 

Activation 2: Crown Chakra Activation

The 9th dimensional Pleiadians facilitate an energetic toning for us to have greater communication to our multidimensional aspects including our guides, cosmic family members and friends as well as activate and awaken extra sensory gifts and abilities by creating greater integration between our earthly experience and higher self. 

Activation 3: Soul Star Chakra

As we are currently shifting out of an old dimension of being and moving into a new, there is a universal grid we are all making alignments back into. A potent transmission offered from a variety of beings and representatives of light councils, this activation helps align soul pieces of us in an integrated manner, such that we can reconnect to this universal grid within our own lives. The result? Embodying a 5th dimensional experience even if a majority of the world is still embodied in a 3rd dimensional existence. 

Activation 4: Light Body Activation

As there are shifts undergoing in the collective, there are shifts taking place within us as well. One of these shifts is within our physical bodies. As new information is integrated in our awareness, the light body technology within us becomes more palpable and activated. The light body is used for a myriad of experiences, one of them being dimensional time travel. This activation helps to integrate and awaken the light body within you as it reintegrates back into your conscious awareness and used by you for more valuable communication between guides and beings and effective dream retention. 

Buy The Complete Bundle Below

See What People Are Saying Below!

"Your webinars provide me with such a direct connection to Source it amazing. The channeled messages and light language activations bring me such a sense of peace each time I listen. The integration is subtle, but powerful. So grateful you share your gifts with us!"

- Marissa G.

"Layla’s light activations always bring me back to my true essence. As soon as I listen to them, I lose sight of the world around me and I feel my soul merge with the high frequencies found in them. Her light activations have been a true blessing in my life as they have helped my over-analytical mind surrender and feel at peace with my present situation. Thank you, Layla! Always grateful to have crossed paths with you and your work."

- Ana M.

"Your light language activations are so incredibly powerful. In the beginning, I experienced a pleasant sensation and general calm during and immediately after listening. Upon waking, I had awareness that my energy had shifted (lighter, clearing patterns, etc.). As I’ve gotten more experience with the activations and as my energy has shifted, now I literally feel my energy re-arranging during the activation. I have listen to it twice, and both times I literally felt energy rearranging around my root chakra and my solar plexus chakra — clearly where the discord lives! And then I zoom up above my head into bliss. It’s amazing. It’s magic!"

- Susan L.


"Layla, I’ve been having foot problems (fractured / sprained) for about 4+ years, and one of my fractures on my right foot has never fully healed, the pain always used to come back and at time it used to be so bad that I would have to wrap it and just rest. But after listening to your light activation codes around stress and anxiety, my foot became all better! I was so shocked. Immediately after I listened, it stopped hurting, now it has been 2 months and I still haven’t felt it hurting and it feels so much stronger than before it !!!!  thank you so much Layla I am so grateful for you this has really helped me!"

- Zarah S.

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