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"Layla’s channeling was my first invitation to awakening and higher vibrational consciousness, so for me, that initial session was nothing short of life changing. In the year or so since then I have had the great privilege of working with Layla numerous times, each time somehow better than the last. I have had the opportunity to speak to various collectives about the history of our earth and the global ascension we are in the midst of as well as my own soul’s history and potentials within this lifetime, and each nugget of information has lit a spark of remembering inside of me. When my own guides or collectives supporting me have come through, it has felt like coming home. The experience of channeling with Layla is in itself truly divine, but the real gift, I have found, comes as a slow unfolding. In the year since our first session I have relocated twice, ended and healed from an unhealthy relationship, begun to heal familial ties, quit a meaningless job, and made a complete career change. I am reconnected to my intuition, full of gratitude and love for myself and all things on this earth, and truly more empowered than I have ever been. Working with her flipped my world upside down (or more aptly, right side up) and awakened parts of me that would have taken me a very long time to discover on my own. I have subsequently been able to change dramatically and joyously, and continued down the path of ascension on my own. I am eternally grateful to Layla for the work that she does, and for the brilliant being she is. She is truly a starseed ⭐️"

- Erin G. Maine, USA.

"Layla is pure light. She is joy and source energy embodied. From the moment we began our session, my heart opened. I immediately felt sense of being understood for who I am on this planet, as a hybrid and light being. I had a strong connection to my galactic world and family. The channeled transmission came at a perfect time, when I had been feeling separate from humanity on this planet. I had a very specific intention and the guides that Layla accessed illuminated the path and my choices with language that resonated on all levels. She communicated with such grace, ease, compassion and knowing. During the session I could feel the light energy shifting my perspective on an energetic level and manifested in physical very quickly. The activation she channeled was quite powerful. I experienced a visceral recollection of my experience with the Lemurians and had a message from a “grandmother” reminding me of my time with them and the learning that I gained. Layla's work is profoundly deep in the most joyous and gentle way and her heart is so open. She is truly living her purpose on this planet and I am honored to have met and worked with her."

- Tomson. California, USA.

"I always love my sessions with Layla because she gives me so much clarity, so much direction, and so many revelations, always delivered in the most beautiful way!"

- Jenna B. London, UK.

"Layla recently led me through a subconscious reprogramming healing session, and I am honestly shocked and thrilled with the outcome. It's not that I had any doubts, it's just that for many years I have turned to several different types of therapy modalities to assist me with my anxiety.

Layla's calm and professional demeanor put me at ease right away. I wasn't sure what to expect, but through her guidance I was able to shift my perspective as she helped me subconsciously reprogram some of my most fixed and negative belief patterns. It's as if she rewired my brain. For years I had recognized that I was reliving the same negative stories in my mind as if they were on an emotional loop. After working with Layla, the issues that had been causing me so much stress and emotional heaviness, seemed to have been rerouted. It left me feeling so relieved and much the fog had parted, and the stories I had been telling myself were re-written. 
If you have the chance to heal with Layla, you won't be disappointed.

Her energy, intuition, emotional intelligence and confidence are pure magic!"


- Tiffany Zoldan. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

"I had a bliss-filled session with Layla. I experienced visceral tingling sensations when she brought in the guides (Sirians, Pleiadians and Lemurian came in during different parts). When Sirians came in, my body involuntarily started to gently move back and forth for a while and stopped after a few minutes. I felt resonance with what she said about my dreams and my core limiting beliefs. The part that stood out for me about the session was the guides’ message on manifestation from the state of being (vs. doing). That was especially helpful as I was at the juncture of many possibilities. I had been used to “achieving by disciplined doing”; “creating by doing” is something that I needed to be reminded of. The guides also gave me an easy and practical exercise to manifest from the present moment. Since then, I have noticed the correlation between my state of being and my encounters. As I have been paying more attention to my state of being, I notice a much better flow and synchronicities. Not only was the message what I needed at that point, the whole session was filled with joyful energies. Thank you again, Layla."

Arden. California, USA.

"Layla’s gifts are truly extraordinary… during my session she channeled my Pleiadian guides to help me understand the sources of an autoimmune issue I’ve been having. But what I loved most about the session is Layla herself. It’s common in the spiritual community to put healers, intuitives, and those with special gifts on pedestals... we create gurus and master teachers out of those who seem more spiritually connected. But always Layla speaks as a friend, not a teacher. Her energy is always one of equality, and is quick to assure that all gifts are needed for the evolution of humanity. My session with her helped me understand that I have full sovereignty, and that I and my higher self have manifested everything I experience. My autoimmune pain is something that I chose for the sake of expansion, and only when I am ready to let it go will it end. Physically, I felt a lot of energy moving as she channeled, especially when she channeled-sang, and afterwards felt empowered, more capable of trusting my inner guides, and to make decisions based on my truth, and in the months that followed I have had less pain, can release the pain more easily, allowing it to hinder my life less, and felt more clear and expansive overall."

Jillian E. Los Angeles, California.

"I first met Layla in the summer of 2018 and I immediately felt her warmth and openness. I was invited with a friend to experience Layla’s channelling. To say I was blown away is an understatement. We were able to hold an intention and formulate a question. Layla started the channelling and, before we asked the question, the answers came through. My friend and I were in awe. It was such a healing process for me. Layla is wise beyond her years and she has also helped me, when my daughter went through a difficult time, by tuning into what was happening for my daughter. I call Layla an angel because she is just that!"

Cazzie D. Cardiff, UK.

"Having a channeling session with Layla was unlike any experience I’ve had before. First of all she is so talented and connected it’s beyond beautiful. I watched her as she surrendered her body and allowed spirit to come through giving me messages about my life’s work being a grid worker and raising the consciousness of the world. (Which is a download of data I received before by myself so I know she is legit!) The highlight of our session was her speaking in light language and doing an activation for me. I felt so much peace and calmness and the rest of the day I felt the energy shift in a positive way. It was something that is hard to put in words but it was so beautiful, healing, and up lifting. If you’re looking for clarity in your life or any part of your soul’s journey I trust Layla with my entire heart. She’s a rainbow child and is here to help us activate our codes. Thank you Layla!!! With immense love and gratitude"

Danielle Paige,  Intuitive Astrologer/Spiritual Teacher

“My session with Layla was both insightful and informative. Layla is a kind, caring soul with a true gift for channeling, which allowed me to feel open and comfortable during the session. It was such an honor to spend time with Layla, and I am so greatful for her help in receiving and understanding the wisdom meant for me!” 

-Megan. Portland, Maine.

"Layla, I just want to thank you for seeing me and appreciating me as I am. My session with you, your offering as a trance channel and conduit of Light, was a beautiful exploration of remembering and supporting my efforts to acknowledge and embrace the energetic path for which I am. Having met you in the early stages of your time on this physical plane, I was honored to witness the gifts that you continue to bestow to those seeking and remembering. From the moment you began introducing the format of the session, I felt an immediate ease in knowing that any question I had placed in the field of not knowing, was already answered by way of my supported intention. I am greatly encouraged by all that was expressed to me defying the limitations of this time and space continuum. I am most grateful to know that my path is open and come to know the personal significance and experience of one offering Sound Medicine. "

Jonathan Carl. New York, NY

"Layla! What can I even say about this? I am so filled with joy and happiness at having had this session with you! It was nothing but beautiful and soul-filling. I cried at least three times, especially at being reconnected with siblings from another realm! I also believe that I released some trauma at the first song you sang... I started shaking a bit and letting it out! I had expected a painful and judgement filled session, simply because everything you embody is held deep within my shadow. However it was only love and light and I thank you for easing my fears about it and encouraging me to stay positive and choose the words I tell myself carefully. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face! You channeled Pleiadian, Andromedan, and faerie energy and each came in to answer the appropriate question, not in the quick and easy way that I had wanted, but in a deeper way that let me understand and/or ponder the inner workings of things so that I can use my free will to choose my way. This session has confirmed a lot of things for me that I have been thinking/feeling, as well as explained so many other things! What a gorgeous feeling to be surrounded by your energy and see you smile as you channel! Seeing your openness about your gifts is a massive expander for me and will stay with me for a long while, I am sure. I, of course, have so much more that I want to dive into now. For now, this is enough to digest, reflect on and take action with."

- Sarah F.

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