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Do you feel purposeless and lack of motivation ?

Do you feel alone on Earth ?  

Do you feel you take on collective density and need an outlet for relaxation and diffusion of collective energy ?

Would you like to feel more aligned, trusting and confident ?

Would you like to enhance your ability to trust and connect more with your inner guidance system ?

Would you like to activate and remember your unique soul gifts and abilities ?

Would you like to embody a 5th dimensional experience in your own reality ?

If so, this bundle is for you! 


In the Enhancing Intuition bundle, you’ll receive 4 activations: Third Eye Connection, Crown Chakra Activation, Soul Star Chakra Activation and the Light Body Activation.

Included in this bundle:

Activation 1: Third Eye Connection Activation 

We often don’t see life as it is, we see life through our minds perceptions, filters, past trauma and preferences. This often creates mental disturbance and self imposed struggle which can be a hindrance to our own awakening. This activation as facilitated by the Blue Avian collective, allow us the opportunity to open our eyes to the truth of reality, such that we may experience all wondrous experiences this human life has to offer without unconscious mental judgments over what is. 

Activation 2: Crown Chakra Activation

The 9th dimensional Pleiadians facilitate an energetic toning for us to have greater communication to our multidimensional aspects including our guides, cosmic family members and friends as well as activate and awaken extra sensory gifts and abilities by creating greater integration between our earthly experience and higher self. 

Activation 3: Soul Star Chakra

As we are currently shifting out of an old dimension of being and moving into a new, there is a universal grid we are all making alignments back into. A potent transmission offered from a variety of beings and representatives of light councils, this activation helps align soul pieces of us in an integrated manner, such that we can reconnect to this universal grid within our own lives. The result? Embodying a 5th dimensional experience even if a majority of the world is still embodied in a 3rd dimensional existence. 

Activation 4: Light Body Activation

As there are shifts undergoing in the collective, there are shifts taking place within us as well. One of these shifts is within our physical bodies. As new information is integrated in our awareness, the light body technology within us becomes more palpable and activated. The light body is used for a myriad of experiences, one of them being dimensional time travel. This activation helps to integrate and awaken the light body within you as it reintegrates back into your conscious awareness and used by you for more valuable communication between guides and beings and effective dream retention. 

Enhancing Intuition Bundle

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