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Do you often feel stressed by daily occurrences?

Does this stress manifest itself in a passive anger or overwhelm or low energy?

Would you like to feel more peace, balance and equanimity regarding your life situation?

Would you like to be more connected to your heart and more embodied in vitality?


In this Relieving Stress bundle, you’ll receive 4 activations: Auric Repair, Imprinting Peace, Heart Flow, and Brain Hemisphere Balance, that combined will generate more peace, harmony, acceptance and empowerment within. 


Activation 1: Auric Repair

Working in the auric fields of our physical bodies, the atlantean priestess energies come in to offer strength, stability and upliftment to our auric fields. When we are stressed, trying to control a situation in which we feel powerless over, sometimes our auras can acquire punctures within it. This can lead to feeling even more stressed, powerless, weak or tired. Engaging with this activation allows forth the healing of these etheric punctures and brings a strengthening elasticity back to our fields. 


Activation 2: Imprinting Peace 

A collective of Arcturian and Pleiadian healers come together to offer calming and powerful sound frequencies of peace, collaborating with your higher self to release any distorted patterns within that are contributing to burn out, overwhelm and stagnancy. The result: more alignment of embodied peace, your natural state of being. 


Activation 3: Brain Hemisphere Balance

When we are experiencing stress, we are often processing it dominantly through one side of our brain hemisphere. In this activation, the 10th dimensional Arcturians relay harmonics to bring both hemispheres back into balance, thus eliciting more equanimity and non attachment regarding your life situation. 


Activation 4: Heart Flow

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stop the loudness of our minds. After all, stress is a response to identifying with perceptions in our minds. In this activation, the 12th dimensional Pleiadians provide frequencies to deepen our connection to our heart. The heart holds all answers and is a straight connection to the remembrance of the presence and love that awaits us now. If you would like to remember and strengthen your connection to your heart, releasing unnecessary stress in your life, this activation is for you. 

Relieving Stress Bundle

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