In the second class of the series, we are joined by the 9th dimensional Pleiadians, Arcturians and Hybrid Collectives as they gave us a higher dimensional understanding of abundance.


We explore energetic blocks and dominant collective vibrations like fear and unworthiness and how our embodiment of those frequencies is what perpetuates lack in our lives. We also gained some practical tips and tools of changing our energetic signature to rewrite a new vibration of abundance to our fields. In the last 10 minutes of the transmission, we are offered a powerful light language meditation and activation to transmute fear to allow more abundance (in all forms) to enter into our lives. :)


Remember that this is a multidimensional transmission meaning each time you listen to it, you are being upgraded on a deeper level in your consciousness and you are vibrationally changed after every time. The benefits only keep on giving :)


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Webinar 2: Attracting Abundance

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