Welcome to the first class of the channeling series with Layla. This one hour webinar class will be exploring the topic of familial relationships. 

In this class, Layla will be channeling a higher dimensional perspective of familial relationships which include an understanding of...


  • How family dynamics/assignments are chosen before incarnating
  • Personal and collective karma within family relationships
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Galactic family contracts 



Layla will also be offering a light language activation at the end of the transmission for you to further assimilate the words and vibration of the session.


Bringing your most curious, open and ready to receive selves allows for the most powerful wisdom and vibration to come through and upgrade you uniquely in your energy field. You are just as much an equally important part in the summoning of energy as Layla is. :) 

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If there are any questions, comments or concerns please email layla@lightwithlayla.com


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Webinar 1: Familial Relationships

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